Dear……… Sleepin’sun

September 12, 2009 at 1:35 pm | Posted in tulisanku | 1 Comment
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The best times in my life….are the times when I spent with you
If you need some place to hide…..
You can hold my hand for a while
If your sky begin to fall
I will stay with you till you smile

You have become a part of my life
I feel so comportable with you
And times we share are delighfull
And I know….no matter what….
I can always count on you

Dont walk in front of me…..
I may not follow,,
Dont walk behind me….
I may not lead…
Walk beside me and be my stars

A friend is someone who is concerned with everything you do
A Friend is someone who is concerned with everything you think

You are one of life’s precious find
You are all the thing I could wish
For the girl who I love
And I think to my self
Just how luckly I am
To have you in my life
You will always be special to me

When I cry….I see you in my tears
But I clean my tears therefor no one can see you
I love you not because I need you
But…….I need you because I love you

Never love a love that hurts, never hurt a love that loves

There are so many stars in the sky
Only one some get notice, among those
You choose to ignore is the one which was willing to shine for you forever
Even if your glance remained elsewhere


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  1. just go with the flow
    follow the rhythm of ur relationship…

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